2021-2022 Annual Report

Photo Credit Justin Talbot

These past two years have been truly inspiring as we have witnessed countless acts of kindness and generosity. Our county and city governments, local and regional nonprofits, businesses, and many donors came together to help one another during this unprecedented time.

Together with your support, we have made a difference in Lake County. Community foundations exist to address challenging issues, to support valuable nonprofits confronting many critical concerns, and to build an endowment to meet changing needs over time. We are doing all of that thanks to many generous and thoughtful contributions, as well as hours of volunteer work.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we wish to thank you and to all who have been so generous and who have made it possible for the Lake County Community Fund to succeed. We look forward to your continued support as we pursue our mission: To expand the capacity of local organizations, promote and facilitate giving opportunities, and inspire investment in Lake County.

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LCCF Highlight Video

Thanks to all our champions for your commitment to Leadville and Lake County!

This video made possible through a special grant from The Anschutz Family Foundation.


We continue to build the fund to promote sustainability in Leadville and Lake County. Contributions to LCCF are welcome at any time, and go directly to supporting our community through grants, community programming, and other investments. Click here to donate!